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Likumprojekts “Valsts pārvaldes iekārtas likums” (Nr. LP1/2018)

2018. gada 21. februārī Nr. LP1/2018 Midgardas karalistes tautai   Saskaņā ar Midgardas karalistes Konstitūcijas 27. pantu Viņa Karaliskā Majestāte nodod publiskai diskusijai Valsts pārvaldes iekārtas likuma projektu. Viņa Karaliskā Majestāte aicina paust savu viedokli un iesniegt priekšlikumus līdz 2018. … Turpināt lasīt

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Constitution of the Kingdom of Midgard

Recognising as self-evident that all humans are made equal and own by birth inalienable fundamental rights, among them rights of Life, Liberty, Dignity and rights to pursuit Happiness and Wellbeing;
Undertaking responsibility to secure and protect these rights, and with acceptance by the people to form a government and to impose following immediate objectives on it:
• Secure peace and circumstances necessary to live with human dignity,
• Actively care to restore and advance quality of natural environment,
• Promote awareness of cultural diversity as a great treasure of humanity,
• Advance development of science and culture of scientific way of thinking;
I do hereby declare that henceforward until decided otherwise, Kingdom of Midgard is a sovereign state that is leading their affairs independently.
I do decide following Constitution binding to all subjects of the Kingdom of Midgard now and in future generations as long as kingdom shall exist:
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