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Constitution of the Kingdom of Midgard

Recognising as self-evident that all humans are made equal and own by birth inalienable fundamental rights, among them rights of Life, Liberty, Dignity and rights to pursuit Happiness and Wellbeing;
Undertaking responsibility to secure and protect these rights, and with acceptance by the people to form a government and to impose following immediate objectives on it:
• Secure peace and circumstances necessary to live with human dignity,
• Actively care to restore and advance quality of natural environment,
• Promote awareness of cultural diversity as a great treasure of humanity,
• Advance development of science and culture of scientific way of thinking;
I do hereby declare that henceforward until decided otherwise, Kingdom of Midgard is a sovereign state that is leading their affairs independently.
I do decide following Constitution binding to all subjects of the Kingdom of Midgard now and in future generations as long as kingdom shall exist:
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