Royal House

The King of Midgard

I do solemnly swear that all my work will be dedicated to the welfare of the
Kingdom of Midgard and its people. I will do everything in my power to promote the
prosperity of the Kingdom of Midgard and all its inhabitants. I will hold sacred and
will comply with the Constitution and the laws of the Kingdom. I will act justly
towards all and will fulfil my duties conscientiously.

The King of Midgard is the Head of State who adopts laws and leads the Cabinet of ministers, represent State in international relations, appoint diplomatic representatives of the Kingdom and receives diplomatic representatives of other countries, sign and ratify international treaties, is supreme commander of the Royal Armed Forces.

Current King is His Royal Majesty Krisjanis Liepins.

E-mail for communication: krisjanis.liepins [at]

HRM Address on the Independence Day of the Kingdom of Midgard

Honourable people!

April 8 is an important point of reference to the Kingdom of Midgard and to every of its citizen. Exactly one year elapsed since the adoption of the Declaration of Independence today. That is a moment to be celebrated, and a moment to look back to what is done so far and to set aims for the future.

National awareness and statehood of Midgard are based on two great and mighty pillars.

The first pillar is a hypothesis that the best form of the State is constitutional monarchy where the power of the monarch is limited by the powers of law, of the independent and fair judiciary, and universal human rights. We are united by the devotion to testing if this hypothesis is true.

The second pillar is our core values and aims defined by the Declaration of Independence. That is the foundation of our faith in what a good State shall be. That is a policy we are devoted to exercise both at our home and in the international relations.

In a year so far, the Kingdom of Midgard had to work on three great and important tasks.

The first task is to develop a normative foundation, starting with the Constitution, the Law of Citizenship, Law on the National Symbols. Draft of the State Administration Structure Law will be soon admitted to the public discussion, and everyone is invited to give his opinion, proposals and objections.

We have started to build the foundation of our State, brick by brick. There is still much work to do as for this foundation to be strong and keep our State through eternity.

Normative regulations for operation of the Cabinet of Ministers, structure and operation of the Royal House, structure and operation of the judiciary, civil rights, rights of administrative process, criminal rights, rights of the nobility, holidays and remembrance days, State awards, the principles and procedure for the assessment of requests for national independence are still needed. It is just a small portion of work to be done for developing a normative foundation for years to come.

The second task is to develop the structure of the State administration. It depends on the development of the normative foundation, however functioning State administration is needed already from the first day of the independence. Thus these works have been done simultaneously by establishing the Throne of the monarch of the Kingdom of Midgard at the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, followed by the establishment of two ministries that are the most important for the administration of the State – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance. Establishment of the rest of ministries and institutions of the State administration is work to be done in the following years.

The third great task is diplomatic relations with other nations. They have been developed constantly starting from the first days of the independence of the Kingdom of Midgard. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has addressed several tens of micronations with a personalized call to recognize the independence of the Kingdom of Midgard.

Diplomatic relations with the Aerican Empire has successfully established as the Aerican Empire granted conditional recognition of the Kingdom of Midgard on the May 12 the Year 2017.

In following years we need to strengthen our already established diplomatic relations and also to continue to develop new relations both by calling on other nations and by responding to calls of other nations. At the same time, we need to seek opportunities to integrate into intermicronational organizations.

Everyone is kindly invited to participate. With opinion, with knowledge and with work or service. Only together can we make future better!

May the Kingdom of Midgard live forever!